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 Has Noah's Ark been discovered?

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PostSubject: Has Noah's Ark been discovered?   November 29th 2010, 3:06 pm

This a common claim made by overzealous Christians. From time to time a claim is made by some explorer that he has found Noah's ark. The most famous claim was that of a structure found on Mount Ararat in Dogubayazit, Turkey.

What appeared to be a large, dark man made object was found frozen on top of Mount Ararat. This made headlines across the world and with each newspaper story, the evidence grew stronger and criticism weaker. After all sensationalism sells.

Years later another structure was discovered at the foot of Mount Ararat, which also appeared to be in the shape of a very large boat. Once again this was reported as the real "Noah's Ark". To be honest, it actually does look like a boat. Sometimes clouds look like animals but that is pretty much where the similarities stop.

Initial rudimentary tests indicated that the structure contained numerous iron brackets and possibly even an anchor. Subsequently, archaeologists have done more advanced analysis of the geological nature of the site. Lorence Gene Collins, Dept of Geological Sciences, California State University, came to the following conclusion: Evidence from microscopic studies and photo analyses demonstrates that the supposed Ark near Dogubayazit is a completely natural rock formation. It cannot have been Noah's Ark nor even a man-made model.
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Has Noah's Ark been discovered?
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