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 Is the Bible inspired by God?

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PostSubject: Is the Bible inspired by God?   November 29th 2010, 2:49 pm

Is the Bible inspired by God?
If you were to take a hypothetical position and say that God exists and inspired the original copies of the Bible, then that would not mean that the Bible is inspired as we have no idea what the original copies looked like.

The copies we have today have been copied from other copies, which had been copied from other older copies. Mistakes, small changes and additional text found it's way into the books of the Bible as time went by. As such, if God existed and if he inspired the Bible, then that version which he inspired is lost to us today.

You could turn this around and ask if a supernatural being as powerful and intelligent as the Biblical god is described to be, would in fact use both Hebrew and Greek, papyrus and manual methods of copying to convey the most important message in the world to his creation. Even delivering message via DHL is more reliable than the transmission of Biblical texts and you can determine the value a message has to it's sender by the format and process in which he sends it. The value of the message found on a post card or a post-it note will by it's very nature be different from the value of a message delivered by registered mail or in person.

If a god existed and he wanted to transmit a life saving message to his believers, then he certainly would not have used the process used in the creation of the Bible.

For more information on the on the formation of the Bible, please visit our Resources section.
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Is the Bible inspired by God?
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